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Fomrez® Polyester Polyol

Fomrez® is Chemtura's brand name for our polyesters polyols products. These products are characterized for having high quality and performance coupled with outstanding support by our technical and commercial teams. Our products have low or no catalysts in their composition and strong reliability. They are used as one of the raw materials in a wide range of markets and applications such as foam, adhesives, cast elastomers, coatings, TPU, PUD and sealants.

Reacted with diisocyanates, polyesters are used as a glue in applications such as adhesives for books, metals, wood and many others.

Chemtura's polyester polyols can also be used in the manufacturing of polyurethane pre-polymers to cast PU parts such as wheels, mining screens, and coatings for oil & gas tubes and hundreds of other applications that require high performance.

Our Fomrez® products are used in the production of coatings to protect the surface of floors, leather, plastics and so on.

This represents one of the largest markets where our Fomrez® products take place. Manufacturing of sponges, mattresses, acoustic panels, seats in automobiles are just some examples of applications for this market.

Used as Pigment dispersants in the painting industries, they are prepared by dispersing pigments into a polyester.

Polyesters reacted with diisocyanates can be used to produce Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that are used in automotive instrument panels, caster wheels, sporting goods and many other diversified applications.